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Paoletti Impronte, ‘Mussei Diversi’, Rome c1800.

$485.00 each, framed Approx £352.73

Code: 10277

Original nineteenth century plaster cameo seals. Six examples.

These ‘Grand Tour’ souvenirs were brought home from Europe by wealthy English travellers. Rome was the ultimate destination and a tour of the treasures contained in its many museums complemented a young man’s education. Collecting boxes and faux bindings containing plaster casts of ancient gems was a fashionable pastime and a valuable ‘aide memoir’ of the mythologies, gods and historical events depicted on the delicate cameos.

Presented in hand-gilded shadow box frames, lined with fine hand-made english marbled paper.

Framed size: 183 x 130mm (10 1/4 x 5 1/4)