Manoel Carlos De Andrade:  'Nobre Arte Da Cavallaria

Manoel Carlos De Andrade: 'Nobre Arte Da Cavallaria"

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$1,650.00 each, framed Approx £1298.19

Author:  Manoel Carlos de Andrade

Title:  "Nobre Arte Da Cavallaria", Lison, 1790 (first edition).

Medium:  Hand-coloured coppper-plate engravings, with two vertical folds as issued.

Framing:  Set in hand-veneered and gilded frames. 

Framed size: 675 x 570 mm (27 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches).

“The Men who make a profession of the Noble Art of Horse Riding, we have already said that they are held in esteem because as good riders they cannot but be endowed with the following qualities: they must have dexterity, value and prudence, a penetrating understanding, a particular philosophic intelligence, and law of movement, an inclination towards the most excellent horses and an aversion to those with poor performance, a lofty yet docile genius, a large soul and intelligent wisdom, elevated and discursive.”

Manoel Carlos de Andrade.