Johann Weinmann: c.18th engravings.

Johann Weinmann: c.18th engravings.

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$1,200.00 each, unframed Approx £950.87

Hand-coloured mezzotint engravings from: "Phytanthoza Iconographia",  c1739. Unframed, sold individually. 

Johann Weinmann (1683-1741), a German pharmacist and apothecary, was author and publisher of 'Phytanthoza Iconographia', one of the most important botanical works of the eighteenth century. Released in eight tranches between 1737 and 1745, it contains 1025 hand-coloured engravings depicting thousands of different plants. Many of the illustrations were created by the young artist George Ehret, who utilised a new printing process involving mezzotint, which enabled greater detail and shading than had been possible with the established techniques of line engraving. Ehret went on to become the pre-eminent botanical artist of the eighteenth century. His original works on vellum are included in The Royal Collection of Her Majesty The Queen.

Sheet size approximately: 330 x 420 mm